Our main objectives are:

For Bulgarian Companies and Business

  1. Introducing and promoting Bulgarian producers to Chinese buyers
  2. Introducing and promoting Bulgarian Products to Chinese buyers
  3. Investment and scouting – introducing Bulgarian Businesses to Chinese investors
  4. Help Bulgarian companies find Chinese target manufacturers
  5. Preparing investment plan
  6. Consulting services for companies to establish legal presence in Ningbo, including:
  7. Business/working visas
  8. Company formation
  9. Banking
  10. Offices – shared workspaces or dedicated offices
  11. Import-Export Consulting
  12. Exhibition spaces
  13. Regulation and law consulting
  14. Applying for government grants and benefits
  15. Introduction and identity verification of Chinese businesses (manufactures, suppliers, distributors, etc.)


Serving for Chinese Companies

  1. Chinese company formation
  2. Banking
  3. Legal consulting
  4. Handling Business visa applications
  5. Handling “fast track” permanent residency applications in Bulgaria for investors (Bulgaria is a member of the EU)
  6. Background check, due diligence, and identity verifications for EU and North American companies and individuals
  7. Creating online presence including multilingual websites, social networks activity (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn), online reputation management, social monitoring, and online public awareness/PR services
  8. Helping Chinese companies to apply for licenses in Bulgaria and provide relevant legal consulting
  9. Providing Bulgarian government coordination for Chinese companies
  10. Satisfying the demand for information of Chinese companies purchasing Bulgarian products
  11. Exhibition services – including exhibition declaration, exhibit product shipping and customs declaration, exhibition operating, information release, media publicity, information collection during the exhibition, follow-up buyer communication
  12. Public relations services (including internet and social)
  13. Providing government personnel with meetings with Bulgarian officials when needed
  14. Invitations to, and in organization of, official events including introduction to government representatives, and official officers