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Digital 17+1 Economic and Trade Promotion Center Integrated Protal as a channel and bridge for public users to access economic and trade infromation of CEEC, it upholds the concept of succinct style, clear hierarchy, intuitive menu and substantial centent in order to be convenient for satisfying the demand of users. With the aim of promoting the economic and trade between China and CEEC, the platform can provide users with massive comprehensive news information at home and abroad for the first time, including the basic situation, industrial policies, tourism, cooperation information, government news and other information of China and CEEC, which enable enterprises and the public to have a comprehensive understanding of China and CEEC.

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The trade data center of the Digital 17+1 Economic and Trade Promotion
Center breaks the traditional data fortress of government, which integrates
authoritative official trade statistical data, rich national comprehensive information data, efficient integration of internet authentication business opportunity data and processing and collating data to provide users with professional third-party data services. Taking trade statistical data as an example, the data center has successfully docked the import and export data of Central and Eastern Europe, trade information publishing data with authoritative certification at home and abroad, and the platform analyses the total trade value, trade volume, trade mode, transport mode, key import and export commodities of China and Central and Eastern Europe over the years, which presents the analysis results in a visual way.